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Posted By Jeffrey Cervantes

Exploring the Global Pulse of Tourism: A CEO's Insight from FITUR 2024

31 Jan 2024

In a vibrant showcase of the ever-evolving tourism sector, FITUR 2024 unfolded in Madrid, leaving an indelible mark on Pronto's CEO and Founder, Sathya John. Explore the highlights and insights gained as Sathya John navigates the dynamic landscape of FITUR 2024.


Key Highlights from FITUR 2024

Ecuador's spotlight as the Partner Country contributed to a record-breaking event, bringing together 9,000 companies, 152 countries, and 806 exhibitors, generating an impressive €430 million for Madrid. Organized by Ifema Feria de Madrid, FITUR expanded its international presence, representing 20 more countries than the previous year.

Diverse Dimensions Unveiled:

FITUR covered diverse facets of the industry, from Cruises and LGBTQ+ to Techy and Woman, emphasizing its role as a global meeting point for professionals, enthusiasts, and innovators within the tourism industry.

My Immersive Experience

As the CEO of Pronto, my agenda was geared towards staying at the forefront of industry knowledge. Engaging discussions at the Fitur Talent segment explored the intersection of human elements and technological advancements shaping the future of tourism. Recognizing the growing importance of diversity and inclusion, I eagerly participated in the Fitur Women and Fitur LGBTQ+ communities, gaining valuable insights into shaping the industry's future.

Thought-Provoking Insights

The event kicked off with a regal note, featuring a visit from King Felipe VI, underlining FITUR's global significance. My day was marked by reconnecting with clients, meeting colleagues, and establishing new connections. Highlights included a session on "Robot vs Human - the traveler's experience at the destination," delving into the intricate dynamics between technology and the human touch in the travel industry.

AI and Technological Transformations:

In an era dominated by AI, discussions explored how innovations impact the travel experience. Integrating robotics and automation into various aspects of the traveler's journey, from planning to on-site experiences, showcased how technology enhances efficiency and convenience.

Diversity as a Strategic Lever

Participating in the Fitur Women's panel expanded the diversity conversation beyond gender, emphasizing its role as a strategic lever. Recognizing diversity as a strategic advantage contributes to enhanced creativity, improved problem-solving, adaptability, and overall organizational performance.

Sustainable Tourism Practices

FITUR 2024 underscored the tourism industry's impact on local communities and environments. Fostering diversity and inclusion emerged as a key contributor to more sustainable and responsible tourism practices.


As FITUR 2024 concluded, the impact of this global meeting resonates deeply. Leaving with a wealth of information, connections, and experiences, I invite you to explore the profound insights gained from this indispensable platform. Join Pronto in shaping the future of the global tourism industry through innovation, diversity, and sustainability.

For a deeper dive into the exciting talent trends unveiled at FITUR 2024 or to discuss your specific talent requirements, connect with our CEO and Founder, Sathya John. Reach out directly at  +34 682 778 953 or drop an email to Sathya.john@prontorecruitment.com.

Let’s continue shaping the future of tourism together!

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