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Unlocking success in Travel industry talent acquisition

The expertise, skills, and drive of seasoned leaders in the travel industry are crucial for your company's success.

Our Travel Industry Recruitment team consists of specialists with years of experience in executive search, offering a tailored approach distinct from traditional recruitment. We'll collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and select the ideal consultant to assist you.

Together, we'll attract top talent capable of navigating the challenges of the travel industry, ensuring your organization thrives in today's dynamic market.

Your Executive Search & Retained Search Expert in Travel Recruitment

Introducing Sathya John, the driving force behind Pronto's executive search expertise.

With a keen eye for talent and a knack for understanding client needs, Sathya excels in matching top-tier executives with organizations poised for success. Trust Sathya to navigate the intricate landscape of executive recruitment and secure the perfect fit for your leadership needs.


Pronto's success speaks volumes

With an impressive track record of delivering exceptional talent solutions to clients across various industries, we've solidified our reputation as a leading recruitment agency.

Our statistics reflect our commitment to excellence, boasting high success rates in placing top-tier candidates in key roles. From executive appointments to strategic hires, our tailored approach ensures optimal fit and long-term success for both clients and candidates.


Placement Success Rate

Pronto's Placement Success Rate exemplifies our unwavering dedication to precisely matching top-tier talent with the perfect positions, showcasing our commitment to excellence in every recruitment endeavor.

Time to Fill

Pronto takes a maximum of 4 weeks to swiftly sourcing and placing top-tier talent, demonstrating our ability to meet clients' staffing needs promptly and effectively.

Executive appointments with Pronto People

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Elevate your access to talent and expertise

Discover the individuals who excel in dynamic, transformational settings. Gain entry to our vibrant talent ecosystems, meticulously cultivated to draw in, involve, and retain the individuals essential for your success.

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Drive business transformation through executive recruitment

Individuals attracted to innovation thrive in environments fostering autonomy, collaboration, and creativity. Let's collaborate to establish an Employer Value Proposition that nurtures vital expertise to flourish.

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Navigate your organisation towards strategic success

It's more than just finding someone swiftly; it's about securing the ideal individual to drive your strategic aspirations. We invest the effort to comprehend your hurdles, prospects, and future trajectory, allowing us to curate a list of appropriate leadership contenders.

What roles can Pronto People help you on?

With our deep understanding of the sector's diverse needs, we excel in identifying and securing top-tier talent across a spectrum of executive roles.

Travel Technology & Innovation

- Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
- Head of Product Management
- Director of Data Science
- Chief Information Officer (CIO)
- VP of Engineering
- Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
- Chief Innovation Officer
- Director of Technology Strategy
- Head of AI/Machine Learning
- Director of Software Development

Hospitality & Service Management

- General Manager
- Director of Sales and Marketing
- Hotel Manager
- Director of Customer Experience
- Chief Hospitality Officer
- Director of Operations
- Director of Revenue Management
- VP of Guest Services
- Director of Hospitality Strategy
- Head of Corporate Affairs

Travel Operations & Logistics

- Chief Operating Officer
- Director of Maintenance
- VP of Operations
- Director of Safety and Security
- Head of Logistics
- Director of Fleet Operations
- Head of Supply Chain Management
- Director of Ground Operations
- Director of Flight Operations
- VP of Transportation Services

Business Development

- Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
- VP of Business Development
- Director of Finance
- Director of Strategic Partnerships
- Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
- Head of Corporate Development
- Director of Sales Strategy
- VP of Market Expansion
- Director of Business Intelligence
- Head of Investor Relations

What is Pronto People's timeframe?

Discover unmatched search customisation with Pronto People.

With our exceptional research team leverage cutting-edge technology and vast networks, from mapping relevant sector professionals to leveraging LinkedIn, referrals, and online advertising, we cast a wide net.

Once we've curated a long list, we conduct thorough telephone screenings and detailed face-to-face interviews covering all critical role aspects. Our shortlist offers comprehensive candidate synopsis, spotlighting experience, motivations, role relevance, and location considerations.

Contact us now to arrange a exploratory conversation