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Posted By Warren Whitcher

Pronto Recruitment's partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur

26 Oct 2023

Pronto Recruitment is pleased to announce our partnership with James Caan CBE’s award winning investment firm, Recruitment Entrepreneur.

Based in Barcelona, Pronto Recruitment is a specialist recruiter supporting Spain’s dynamic Travel & Leisure industry.

With a specific focus on hotels, aviation, cruise, transport, tour operations, and travel tech sectors, Pronto leverages an extensive network and deep industry expertise, to excel in identifying and attracting exceptional professionals who can drive innovation, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

Sathya John, Pronto Recruitment CEO says, “"We are thrilled to embark on this new business partnership with a Recruitment Entrepreneur. Spain's flourishing travel and leisure industry is on an upward trajectory, and Pronto Recruitment is strategically positioned to meet the demand for highly skilled talent. This joint venture promises to fuel our business growth and scalability as we navigate this thriving landscape."

A special thank you to Pablo Sanchez and Mariano Cañas at Recruitment Entrepreneur Spain for their guidance and support!

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